Integrated Security Solutions

CCTV, HD Video Surveillance, IP Security Design, Electronic Security

Customized Security Solutions For Your Business

With over 22 years of experience, Uni-Tel Group offers customized, comprehensive security solutions to fit your company’s unique needs. From security system design and integration, to cabling and hardware installation, our seasoned team protects your business at every location, 24/7. The Uni-Tel Group ISS team will plan, design, install, implement, test and service your security system across all your sites. Our ongoing maintenance and preventative services ensure your most sensitive data and assets are safeguarded at all times.


Security Solutions For Every Industry

Join the hundreds of companies who put their trust in Uni-Tel Group Integrated Security Solutions. We serve a wide range of public and privately owned companies in every sector including financial institutions, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, government agencies, retailers, athletic organizations, entertainment groups and large residential facilities.

Customized Integrated Security Solutions

Protect your business with a security solution tailored to your specific needs and vulnerabilities:

✅ Access Control

✅ Analytics

✅ Command and Control Systems

✅ Communications Networks

✅ Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

✅ Electronic Security

✅ HD Video Surveillance Systems

✅ Hosted and Managed Solutions

✅ Intrusion Systems

✅ IP Security Design

✅ Maintenance and Preventative Services

✅ Monitoring Services

✅ Network IP Video Integration

✅ System Testing

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